We're Hiring: Enterprise Growth Manager (EMEA)

January 23, 2023
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We're on the hunt for a dynamic, commercially-minded professional to drive our expansion across Europe. If you thrive on creativity, innovation, and leveraging cutting-edge technology to address significant challenges—and if you have experience in traditional creative agencies or creative recruiting fields—we'd love to connect with you. This role offers a unique opportunity to join a rapidly growing company from the ground up. You will play a pivotal role in identifying and developing new opportunities, steering them through to successful customer engagements, and experiencing rapid personal development along the way.

About You

  • You are entrepreneurially minded with a voracious appetite for personal growth and success.
  • Passionate about creativity, innovation, and using technology to solve real-world problems, you bring a proactive approach to every challenge.
  • Previous experience in creative agencies or recruitment fields is highly desirable.
  • A natural team player, you thrive in collaborative environments and contribute positively to group dynamics.
  • With your process-driven mindset and excellent time management skills, you effectively prioritize and manage tasks.
  • You are not shy about hustling; you excel at building relationships, from initiating cold outreach to developing deep, lasting partnerships.
  • Your exceptional communication skills enable you to build strong connections and influence key decision-makers.
  • Problem-solving is second nature to you; you're constantly seeking innovative ways to tackle obstacles.
  • With a proven track record of driving business growth, you are eager to significantly impact PLAYE’s trajectory.
  • Energised by the sometimes chaotic nature of startups, you relish the freedom to create opportunities for both yourself and the business.

How You'll Make An Impact

  • Strategic Development: Actively seek and identify new business opportunities, using your innovative mindset and creative strategies to significantly expand our market presence.
  • Operational Excellence: Apply your process-oriented approach and exceptional time management skills to enhance our operations, increasing efficiency, productivity, and driving revenue growth.
  • Customer-Centric Solutions: Work directly with our founder to tailor our solutions to meet customer challenges and integrate Playe deeply into customer processes.
  • Data Management: Manage our internal tools impeccably to track customer data, sales processes, and other go-to-market activities, ensuring accuracy and actionable insights.
  • Marketing Synergy: Engage actively in marketing and PR initiatives to help establish a robust inbound lead generation system.
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate positively with our internal teams across Australia, Europe, and the US, fostering a cohesive and efficient work environment.
  • Versatility: Embrace the startup ethos by wearing multiple hats. We're a small team tackling significant challenges and require dynamic individuals ready to take initiative and contribute across various functions.


PLAYE is transforming how enterprise brands tap into global creative talent, providing a comprehensive platform that links them with the top 1% of creatives worldwide. Our intuitive, cloud-based tools, complemented by on-demand support, ensure efficient, transparent, and compliant collaboration for creative teams. Committed to transforming the creative landscape with technology, PLAYE empowers brands to unleash a global creative workforce.

The Details

- Competitive Salary + Bonuses + Equity Options

- Full time based in London, UK

- Flexible work arrangements

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