We're Hiring: Product Lead

January 27, 2023
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Role Description

We are looking for a Product Lead to join our team. You will serve as the link between our technical and commercial teams, and will build out the product roadmap and get our products ready for market. You’ll operate at the intersection of UX, Technology and Business. This role calls for an entrepreneurial-minded self-starter who is driven by a passion for their work, engaged by fast-paced environments and understanding of the nature, risk and potential for reward in tech startups.

About You

  • You have a strong track record as a product leader, with experience growing products from early stage to established SaaS offering
  • Strong UX skill set -- understands more than just the fundamentals of good UX, loves seamless and simple design and is going to be ruthless in the pursuit of delightful customer experiences.
  • A strong communicator - you can speak the language of engineering, data, design, and operations and can coordinate cross-functionally with each to achieve big wins
  • Strong commercial acumen and an understanding of the key levers to build and grow SaaS products
  • Great with data (both qualitative and quantitative) and loves turning insights into actions
  • An ability to balance the art with the science - balancing product vision and strategy with iterative optimisations along the way
  • You have experience in and a passion for building, engaging and mentoring technology teams to do their best work, develop their craft and career journeys
  • A flexible self-starter who thrives in the start-up environment and has a clear understanding and expectation of what it takes to build, grow and succeed in the tech industry.

How you’ll make an impact

  • Develop and own the vision, strategy and roadmap for the future of the Playe Platform
  • Serve as a domain expert on MAU/User satisfaction & growth
  • You will understand the complete landscape of our industry, trends,  key channels, products and user segments
  • Lead and rally our technical resources to drive high-quality product outcomes for Playe, with a goal to eventually support the build of a technical in-house team. 
  • Build a relationship with all the three founders of Playe, and tailor your own vision for the impact you want Playe to have on the world. 

Interested in this role? Get in touch here, and tell us a bit more about yourself and what you can bring to the team!

About Playe

#PLAYE enables creative teams to seamlessly partner with its global network of creatives, to create tailored content of any kind, wherever they need it. PLAYE provides cloud-based tools for this ecosystem to collaborate, and its unique infrastructure overcomes the locational cost and sustainability challenges traditionally associated with global content creation.

The company is based out of London, with offices in Amsterdam and Sydney.

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Playe gives your organisation the confidence to work with creative gig workers, so you can focus on your most important work.
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